Solving the Marketing Puzzle: Q&A with George Rubsam

Solving the Marketing Puzzle: Q&A with George Rubsam

Written by admin , December 12th, 2016   // Blog

Recently, AIM Global RPM welcomed George Rubsam as our new Director of Strategy. George is settling well into his role, providing guidance and support to our entire team. His varied background and clear drive for continuous improvement are already helping move our company forward.

As a founder of the marketing consultancy Veritas Strategy, and start-up advisory Veritas Ventures, George’s entrepreneurial mindset and penchant for mentoring are an asset to our growing industrial marketing agency. Now, we’ve decided to share some of his wisdom and offer a fresh perspective on what it means to be a creative professional.

RB: Describe your new role here at AIM Global Magazine.

GR: My role at AIM Global Magazine includes leading the Marketing Strategist Team. We are the primary account managers and strategists for AIM Global clients. My focus is primarily on helping our clients be even more successful through their partnership with us and help grow the AIM Global business overall. This includes helping my marketing strategy teammates grow professionally, help evolve our capabilities and work with Sales to help potential clients understand how we can help them be more successful in their respective industries.

RB: What are you most excited about in your new position?

GR: I am most excited about the team of people I get to work with everyday. In my experience it’s very rare to find a good-natured, collaborative culture that is made up of very smart people with a hardworking, “get stuff done” attitude.

RB:How did you get into marketing in the first place? Was this always an intended career path?

GR: Early in my career I learned that my brain seems to be wired for marketing. I’m a bit of an odd-duck with an intuitive and analytical nature. As marketing communication combines left-brain logic with right-brain creativity, it appeals to my nature and gives me a never ending chance to grow and learn.

RB: I see that you’re also a teacher. What led you to pursue teaching?

GR: I’ve been very fortunate to have had a few great teachers and professional mentors that have helped me to better understand my potential. And over the years I have met some exceptional young women and men, whom I believe could really benefit from having a good mentor. Through teaching I hope to not only share my experience with students, but also help them see the opportunities they have in their future.

RB: How does your role as an educator help you better serve customers?

GR: Teaching has challenged me to be a better communicator. Many of my students have never previously taken an internet marketing course. To help them understand, I’m challenged to be very specific, more explicit and find creative ways to make ideas more relatable. Being challenged to communicate better each week has helped me to be clearer and more succinct in my interactions with clients.

RB: What are some of your other pursuits outside of work and teaching?

GR: I and many other parents have encountered either un-inspired or poorly engineered children’s products. Over the last few years, my wife and I found ourselves saying, “this product would be great if…”. We looked into the product development process and are now slowly working towards building a prototype of two children’s products ideas.

RB: Out of everything you do, which is your favorite?

GR: There are three things I do that I especially enjoy. Marketing strategy is fun for me because it is like trying to solve a sometimes very complicated puzzle using logic and creativity. I am also an enthusiastic but very poor guitar player. Though by far, my most favorite thing to do is read a book together with my daughter every night before bed.

RB: Is there any one accomplishment you’re most proud of?

GR: There isn’t an accomplishment that I am proud of most. It’s definitely gratifying to have been in a position to learn every marketing innovation in the last ten years. I’m more thankful than proud to have learned so much about marketing from great colleagues. I’m also especially grateful for having had the chance to work with a United States Senator. It was an extraordinary privilege to work with an honorable public servant and help the people of New Jersey.

RB: What advice would you give to someone just starting to market their company?

GR: Don’t be afraid to fail. Without the fear of failure in our way, we are free to be more creative and try different options. By eliminating the anxiety that comes with risk, we are also more open to challenge ourselves and colleagues. I’ve seen some amazing ideas come to light when a team stops saying “we can’t” and starts asking “what if?”

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