Qld Government invests almost $2m in renewables energy tech development

Qld Government invests almost $2m in renewables energy tech development

Written by admin , April 4th, 2017   // Technology

The Queensland Government has invested nearly $2 million in renewables energy company Redback Technologies as part of its strategy to advance technology developments in the state.

A total of $1.96 million has been invested in Redback through the government-owned electricity distributor, Energy Queensland.

The investment will see $1.42 million for funding of staff and resources into a new smart monitoring initiative and, in addition, the government’s innovation movement, Advance Queensland, has awarded Redback and the University of Queensland a research fellowship of $0.54 million in staff and resources to advance the development of smart grid capabilities.

Philip Livingston, founder and managing director, Redback Technologies, and board member of the Australian Solar Council, said the partnerships with Energy Queensland and Advance Queensland, with the support of the Queensland Government, signalled “the next step in Redback’s evolution in delivering low-cost, intelligent energy solutions for its downstream customers”.

“The Queensland Government’s commitment to 50% renewables by 2030 is delivering jobs and investment throughout the state. These partnerships mean those with the most relevant expertise are working on these projects and will further cement Redback’s vision to enable Australian households and businesses to be entirely powered by renewable energy all day, every day.”

Under the grant to Redback and the University of Queensland, three data scientists will be deployed to Redback with a core focus on making breakthroughs in data management, peer-to-peer energy trading schemes for sustainable cities, as well as knowledge management for microgrid data and micro-grid energy storage. They will be located at Redback’s headquarters on University of Queensland’s Long Pocket campus.

Queensland Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply Mark Bailey told a recent Queensland Energy Storage Summit that the partnership between Energy Queensland and Redback would last three years with the aim of creating and deploying next generation monitoring solutions that would enable increased intelligence, safety and ultimately an increased volume of distributed renewables to be deployed on Queensland energy networks.

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