Dessert is the new black! New York City bakery sells activated CHARCOAL doughnuts topped with bacon, maple, and bourbon

Dessert is the new black! New York City bakery sells activated CHARCOAL doughnuts topped with bacon, maple, and bourbon

Written by admin , July 19th, 2017   // Food & Drink

‘Detox’ and ‘doughnut’ aren’t two words that typically go hand-in-hand, but one New York City bakery is making a strong case for the connection.

Sugary Factory Donut and Coffee Bar — a spin-off the celeb-beloved Sugar Factory restaurant change — has just opened its first location in New York City, and Executive Pastry Chef Max Santiago has some unique offerings on the menu — including one doughnut with some possibly detoxifying properties.

The black ‘Charcoal + Maple + Bacon + Boubon’ doughnut is made with activated charcoal in the dough, a substance with a bunch of purported health benefits including the ability to possibly lessen a hangover and flush toxins out of the body.

The $3.95 doughnut starts with activated charcoal mixed into the dough. Once it comes out of the fryer, it is finished off with a maple glaze, smoked bacon, a bourbon reduction drizzle, and gold glitter.

The shop doesn’t actually claim any health benefits from the treat, but restaurants, bakeries, and health food chains across the county have been adding activated charcoal to their offerings as part of a way to ‘detox’.

Activated charcoal attracts toxins and carries them out of the body, meaning food made with it — yes, even doughnuts — might have some healthy upsides.

The ingredient is becoming incredibly trendy — and for the most part, it’s tasteless, which is why it’s also turned up in ice cream, pizza, burger buns, pancakes, lemonade, lattes, and even cocktails.

‘I think it tastes like a campfire. A really sweet campfire,’ says Femail Reporter Valerie Seibert. ‘It’s tough to tell how discernible the taste of charcoal is, since the maple bacon has a very strong flavor, but the combination is definitely very rich and smoky, and not too sweet.’

US Femail Editor Charlie Lankston added: ‘The bacon was a bit chewy, which wasn’t the most pleasant of textures, and the combination of the bacon and the charcoal doughnut created an interesting sweet barbecue flavor. 

‘The actual doughnut itself was really tasty, and the charcoal flavor wasn’t really detectable without the bacon topping to bring it out, interestingly.’ 

It also makes for a seriously Instagrammable snap, as do many of the doughnut shop’s other brand new treats. 

Since its launch last week, the shop has already become a quick hit on social media, with customers ‘gramming their gorgeously-crafted desserts.

Two doughnuts — the Disco Tahitian Vanilla Bean + Buttermilk and the Rainbow Pride Donut — both come with a glittery glaze that sparkles as much as it causes mouths to water.

There’s also a Baked Samoa ‘Cookie’ doughnut, named after the Girl Scout cookie, which is made with almond butter, salted caramel, coconut flakes, and dark chocolate.

An Original Cannoli doughnut, Boston Cream, Tiramisu, and Old Fashioned Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake are also on the menu — and they’re all so popular that the shop sold out on the first day.

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