Chinese company to team up with Wetaskiwin aviation company

Chinese company to team up with Wetaskiwin aviation company

Written by admin , February 20th, 2017   // Transport & Aviation

It’s an international partnership that spans the Pacific Ocean — a Chinese aviation company is planning to work with a Wetaskiwin company on various aviation projects.

Why Wetaskiwin?

“I met Hong [vice-president of Shengda Xiang Yun Aviation Co. Ltd] several years ago, and we discussed aviation,” said John Jeffries, owner of Flying Tiger Aviation Ltd.

“There’s not that much aviation happening in China, so she asked some questions of some people … met with Feng Ge [general manager of the company] and brought us together.”

Shengda Xiang Yun Aviation, based in Yoncheng in the Henan Province, is hoping to sign an agreement with the Wetaskiwin company today.

The two companies are hoping to work together on a variety of projects, including:

Aircraft manufacturing and assembly.

    Flight training.
    Aircraft charter.
    Aircraft maintenance.
    Aircraft sales.
    Aircraft management.
    Aircraft maintenance training.
    Aircraft parts sales.

Feng said China has a lot to learn from Canada.

“Canada has a pretty long history on the generation and low airspace aviation in this area,” Feng said through a translator, his son Justin. “For China, it’s only in its beginning stages.”

The companies are set to sign the agreement today in Wetaskiwin, and officials say the two companies are eager to work together.

“We’re seriously looking at a partnership between the two companies,” Jeffries said.

“This has been in the making for a couple of years now.”

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