$200k for new kava factory

$200k for new kava factory

Written by admin , August 4th, 2017   // Food & Drink

MAKER of Green Gold Kava is working on value adding to his existing products and hopes to introduce his new kava products by the first quarter of next year.

Praveen Narayan said he was developing a new kava product with the help of Otago University and is confident that it will revolutionise the way people drink kava.

“It will be altogether a new refreshing drink made to international standards for the premium kava markets in Europe, USA, Australasian and the Pacific,” Mr Narayan said.

Mr Narayan said the project had been successful with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Ministry of Agriculture and the Pacific Trade and Invest New Zealand as they were the prime market access for Fijian Made products.

He said he was thankful to the Fijian Government for its support in getting Green Gold Kava recognised in the overseas market.

“With our trade commissioners around the world we are never short of lucrative kava markets as they are getting us all we need through their hard work in establishing market access for Fijian Made products,” he said.

Mr Narayan said his kava business was growing and he had invested more than $300,000 in the business and plans to invest another $200,000 for new facilities for his new kava drink factory.

According to Mr Narayan the future of the kava industry looked promising for farmers and exporters.

“We are already impacting the Fijian kava market with the ever growing demand for Green Gold Kava as we have new enquiries every week for our brand of kava from new clients in US and NZ. As kava is now a new craze in US kava bars and every month a new kava bar is opening up thus the demand is ever increasing.

“Now we are happy for our farmers as they are now investing their money in properties and new vehicles and fix deposits for their children’s education,” he said.

As far as his farm is concerned, Mr Narayan said they harvested about 5000kg of yaqona per month with 2000kg earmarked for export.

“We have secured eight clients for our brand of kava in US and NZ.

“We have always said a lot about value adding as it gives a better return for your products and enhances your products to another level and it’s a matter of pride to see your product developed in another level and sold with other premium products from around the world,” he said.

He said he was thankful to PHARMA, the Fiji Export Council and Investment Fiji for believing in that his business was capable of delivering the best kava products to the world.

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